Interview Excerpts Part II - Lynsey G
A few more interview snippets to keep your mouths watering and your brains working, my darlings… Drew Deveaux is the hottest thing to hit the queer porn scene in the past few years, taking fans and performers alike by storm, winning this year’s Heatthrob of the Year award at the Feminist Porn Awards, and generally being the sexiest genderqueer trans woman on the blue screen. I personally find her entrancing, and her super-mega intellect incredibly alluring. I interviewed her for Madison Young’s TheWoman’s POV about a week ago, and I’m posting part of the interview, about finding her sexuality through porn, here to whet your appetites: Me: Coming from a background like yours—you’re very educated—you have a lot of options. You spoke about this at the Red Umbrella Diaries when I saw you in March. You said that you get responses like, “Well, that’s an… interesting choice for you.” But it really is. Would you characterize yourself as a highly sexual person since you were young? Or has this decision actually made you more sexual? DD Oh my gosh. Both. Certainly sexual, yeah. I’m definitely not denying that. But I think, given my history of being trans, I had to [...]