HIV HULLABALOO — The Latest on the Lunacy - Lynsey G
Details have been trickling in since last week’s ball-busting and buzz-killing announcement that a porn performer had tested positive for HIV at AIM Healthcare in Sherman Oaks. While not much is yet known, it’s been made clear by the industry that despite the mainstream media’s doom-mongering and AIDS Healthcare Foundation hysteria, the jizz biz has stuck together like the large and highly incestuous family it is to keep its members safe. Industry bigshots Vivid, Wicked, Girlfriends Films, Jennaration X, and Kickass Pictures have all shut down filming until the infected performers’ first and second generation partners have all bee quarantined and tested: “Thanks to the continued efforts of AIM the entire industry was all made aware of this possible threat on the same day. Even though Wicked Pictures is condoms mandatory, we have postponed our upcoming productions to give AIM a chance to create a comprehensive quarantine list,” said Steve Orenstein, President at Wicked. Of course, our good friends, the zany zealots at AHF, have been calling for LA County to pull all adult film permits until the hubbub dies down — the county office has declined, citing that the council decidedly lacks “interest in this subject.” …Which could be [...]