Fuckenstein - Lynsey G
Let me state, for the record, that I love Joanna Angel. Not like, “in love” love. Joanna’s really cool and nice and all, but it’s not like that. What it is like is that she makes these fun, irreverent, stylish skin flicks that spoof the ideas of mainstream movies, make fun of porn movies, flaunt tattoos and piercings and retro-punk style, and are somehow still really hot. Like Fuckenstein. (Best porn title ever? That’s a tough contest, but it just might be.) And then she screens them–for free–in the back room of Shag, a super-chic sex shop in Brooklyn, and gives everybody free PBR. In case you were ever wondering why she’s so popular and her company, Burning Angel, is doing so well when most porn companies are struggling… that’s why. Last night I smooshed myself into a small back room in a tiny Brooklyn sex store with a crowd of sweaty strangers and watched a porno movie while consuming alcohol, and rather than it being awkward, with Joanna watching the goings-on from the back of the room, it was fun. The crowd laughed at all the right places (and a few, slightly less-right places… I think… maybe I just [...]