"Consent" is Online! - Lynsey G
The wonderful people at apexart have made a dream of mine come true! I’ve been wanting to post the finished videos from the art show online so that people who couldn’t make it to the show itself in NYC could see what was going on, but given their size (they range from around 15 – 23 minutes), my little ol’ website can’t handle them. Bandwidth or some other technical term I don’t understand… And there’s the not-so-small matter of graphic sexual content, which all of the videos have in small portions throughout–the interview footage is interspersed with Well, apexart has posted them on their (much more fancy) site! As I said above, these videos are long, and they are kind of intense. The interviews I used are, quite frankly, spell-binding. So really, please watch them. But please do so when: A) you’re not at work where moving images of hardcore sex won’t be a problem, and B) you have the time and attention to devote. Honestly, it’s worth the time and effort. Also be warned that some of the videos are sadly “glitchy.” Deep into the editing process, my video editor and I realized that two of the source files [...]