Can't a Public Woman Just be Sexy? - Lynsey G
Since I started out this week with an annoyed rant, I think I’ll continue it in the same vein. My discussion on Monday about wanting to be left alone to do what I want with my sexual freedom, even if that excludes some of the freedoms many of my sex-positive friends might enjoy practicing, tinted my reading of this article on about a Vanity Fair photo of MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski, featured at the top of this post. Full disclosure: I have never once in my life watched Morning Joe. I haven’t the foggiest idea how to pronounce Brzezinski’s last name (breh-zuh-zin-skee?). Nor have I actually read the Vanity Fair article that goes along with the photo, and which I’m told focuses on Brzezinski’s flirtations and sexual tension with the show’s host, Joe Scarborough. So yeah, I’m stabbing in the dark here. But here’s what I see when I look at this photo: a female TV personality who’s been relegated to “co-host”-dom acting a little whacky and a little sexy to get the attention of the viewer, and from the direction of her gaze, the attention of her colleague, as well. Sure, it sucks that she’s just [...]