Assange Looks Like a Douche, and Anti-Gays Want to Look Gay - Lynsey G
I don’t know who put this together, but I’m in love with it… 2 things: 1) Julian Assange is a douche. I don’t really know enough about the whole Swedish rape vs. CIA-“honey-trap” issue to write anything intelligent about this topic, because for all I know maybe those women really are being pressured to pursue charges against him so that Sweden can get him into custody and proceed to pressure him about WikiLeaks. It’s entirely possible. But the point is that the charges are still there because the women were assaulted, and whether the regular legal processes are being gone above and beyond to get a legal paw on Assange, the fact remains that he’s a slimy turd-ball for doing what he did in the first place. And also for this piece of “gentleman”-like behavior on the BBC with John Humphreys, in which he says things like, “These women may be victims in this process” of trying to get to him; calls Sweden a “bit more of a banana republic”; says he’s been “martyred without dying”; asserts that the women involved “got into a tizzy about whether there was a possibility of sexually transmitted diseases,” which is a “ridiculous thing [...]