Adult Industry Healthcare: Feasible? Or Fantasy... - Lynsey G
(Editor’s Note: This is the second in a two part series discussing health care for adult performers. The previous part can be found in last week’s issue.) The smut biz used to be called “the recession proof industry” because in past epochs of economic turmoil, porn has sailed through the travails of the stock market with as big a boner as ever. Hell, when Dubya was kind enough to send us all economic stimulus checks a ways back, the online porn and sex toy sites got a 30% boost in sales. What can we say? People love porn. They love it so much that even the positive HIV test by an active adult film actress in June of this year hasn’t brought things crashing down. There’s been no flurry of activity to make fucking on film any safer; no heavier government oversight, stricter STI testing rules enforced, or industry crack-down on condom use on set, where performers are exposed to each other’s bodily fluids—illegally—on camera every day. A few AIDS awareness groups have thundered for safe sex practices, and even Cal-OSHA spokespeople and political talking heads have whimpered about how the industry should be better monitored. But nobody’s really done [...]