Everyone loved Sonny. It wasn’t just children who loved him. He was not some “Noble Savage”. It was part of his character. Even when he spent time in prison. He was loved and respected by guards and prisoners alike. “Don’t believe the hype”. And for those who still ” believe the hype”. I will be shutting your pessimistic and cynical mouths soon. WE ARE THE BUSINESS/BOXING SIDE OF THE SONNY LISTON FAMILY. THE SIDE OF THE FAMILY THAT CALLED HIM “SONNY” We are here to set the record straight, about how Sonny Liston lived and died. And protect the name recognition, likeness, and image of Sonny Liston. And any use of the Sonny Liston Image, must be approved by “THE ESTATE OF SONNY LISTON”and SPORTS PLACEMENT SERVICES.
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