FACT CHECK #4 MARK RODNEY. “WHAT’S MY LINE?” Are you an actor? Stars in the SHOWTIME SPECIAL, “PARIAH: THE LIVES AND DEATHS OF SONNY LISTON”. My Uncle, who was Sonny’s riding partner. And rode with Sonny, all over Las Vegas as a teenager. But they never drove to the Westside of Las Vegas. Because Sonny did not hang out with black thugs. I mean, Sonny wore a coat and top hat for christ’s sake. And was thinking about buying a plane, and a speedboat. And my uncle even got pulled over driving, Geraldine Liston’s pink Cadillac. He wants to know, why you keep telling the world, that you rode in his passenger seat? In other words, what my uncle is trying to tell you is that; even if you were to dream, that you were about to get into Sonny’s car. In that dream, my Uncle would turn to you and say, “HE’S GOT SHOTGUN, YOUR RIDING BITCH!”