$500.00 REWARD for identifying the “words and contextual narrative” misappropriated from my 2013 AMAZON book, “BEAST: THE DECONSTRUCTION OF CHARLES SONNY LISTON”. By Shaun Assael, who is the author of the 2016 AMAZON book, “THE MURDER OF SONNY LISTON: LAS VEGAS, HEROIN, AND HEAVYWEIGHTS”. That is the basis for the SHOWTIME DOCUMENTARY, “PARIAH: THE LIVES AND DEATHS OF SONNY LISTON”, Please add the relevant page numbers of the books where the plagiarism takes place. The person or persons that catch the most acts of plagiarism will win $500.00. In the event of a tie, the money will be distributed evenly amongst the winners. Help in keeping and maintaining the tradition of ethical conduct, in American literature, alive and well. The deadline for applying is January 31, 2020. Send transcripts to my email at,