‘..I have a very strong feeling that the whole sportswear thing is not so interesting anymore — and I say this with a great deal of sadness. I love sportswear — it was one of the first things I worked with when I started designing. There’s a beautiful ease about it in a high fashion context, but it’s been so overdone that it’s feeling slightly stale. It’s in danger of becoming one- dimensional. It’s something I’ve been trying to push forward through my last two collections. I’m almost trying to push it into a couture-y realm — an idea of bourgeois chic — and I never really liked the idea of bourgeois very much, but right now, weirdly enough, it seems to me like the freshest thing. I’ve been looking at those really intricate couture garments, and it strikes me that there’s something super interesting there — it has that sense of preciousness that seems to be missing right now.‘ Read Lutz in conversation with Rebekka Ayres in the latest issue of ZOO Magazine
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