Treatment of Stage 3 Lung Cancer
Most cases of stage 3 lung cancer are treated with combinations of radiation therapy, chemotherapy or may be surgery as well. At Stage 3, the tumor may be difficult and gets cumbersome to remove. When the tumor has spread outside the lung to lymph nodes or it has spread into structures near the lung, the surgeon may recommend chemotherapy with radiation treatments before surgery. Surgery is usually followed up with adjuvant chemotherapy. In cases, where the cancer is considered inoperable due to its location or its spread, chemotherapy is combined with radiation therapy or other treatment for lung cancer. The treatment options for stage 3 lung cancer include: Surgery The aim is to remove the tumor and works best for solid tumors that are connected in one area. It is also used in removing some of the tumors and helps other treatments to work better. Chemotherapy Chemotherapy works by attacking all fast growing cells including cancer cells. It is generally given in cycles of one to three