Together Against Nancy's Cancer
John Mason shares a fundraising link of his mother Nancy Mason lung cancer at Facebook page. His mother story is as follows on his own words: My mother is a 70-year-old woman who was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with cancer in the left lung, the exams revealed the appearance of a tumor, and after performing a biopsy, it was determined that she is in an advanced state of metastasis, so that chemotherapy should start urgently and as soon as possible. Our priority at this moment is to have enough resources so that my mom can start her battle with cancer and find a way to cover the treatment and the exams that must be done, because even when we do not have an exact budget or target amount, we know the high cost of health, due to the inflation that affects Venezuela at the moment. Currently, he has had other tests and doctors determined that he has inflammation in the lymph nodes located in the mediastinal part of the chest, the central area that separates the lungs. That is why it costs him to