Third-Line Treatment for Lung Cancer
Lung cancer is not only developed on smokers or people who comes under regular contact of radon gases; but it also happen in other people. Smoking is a major cause of cancer but pollution also a cause of lung cancer, special in women's. In this lung cancer blog I am regularly providing information about lung cancer; today I am writing about third-line treatment for lung cancer after systemic therapy, first-line treatment and second-line treatment. Third-line treatment is suggested when first-line treatment, second-line treatment fails and chemotherapy is not recommended; in this drug or combination of drugs given to the patient. Third-line treatment is recommended for patients: Who have not received erlotinib or gefitinib; for those PS of 0 to 3: erlotinib recommends as third-line treatment. When data is not insufficient to recommend cytotoxic drugs as routine third-line. Patient should consider clinical trials, experimental treatment or immunotherapy. Best supportive (palliative)