Thermal Ablation for Treatment of Lung Cancer
Lung cancer is the second most common type of cancer and is one of leading causes for death in both men and women. The field of interventional therapies is growing and these interventions are increasingly being used to treat lung cancer. Thermal Ablation is one of the latest techniques used for the treatment of lung cancer. Thermal ablation is the clinically advanced bioeffect of focused ultrasound. The damage to tissues can be controlled using a range of ultrasound transducers. Thermal ablation involves inserting needles into the cancer to destroy cancer cells with heat. It is a technique of controlled, direct thermal destruction of cells and tissue. The technique of thermal ablation is minimally invasive and is suitable for real-time imaging guidance. It is a safe and technically feasible process for treatment of pulmonary malignancies. The aim of the treatment is to enhance the disease-free survival and good quality of life. It is suited for medically inoperable, high-risk patients