Stage 4 Lung Cancer Symptoms - Lung Cancer Blog
Stage four lung cancer is the final stage of the non-small lung cancer. It is at this stage that cancer is fully metastasized and spreads to other organs in the body. As the cancer metastasizes or spreads, symptoms show up according to the newly affected area. Lung cancer that has spread to the brain will bring symptoms such as vertigo, headache, and seizures. Lung cancer in the liver will cause the liver to enlarge and also cause jaundice. Also, lung cancer spreading to the brain causes pains in the bones, makes the bone to be brittle, and weak. The presence of cancer at the adrenal gland causes changes in the hormone level. Furthermore, as lung cancer spreads, it saps energy from the body, and it weakens the cells in the body making them unable to fight and defend the body. Stage four non-small cell lung cancer which is the most advanced stage of lung cancer can be categorized into either T or N which implies that the cancer can be of any size and may or may not have spread to the