Stage 2 Non Small Cell Lung Cancer
Stage 2 non-small cell lung cancer is the stage where the tumor is present in lung and has spread to local lymph nodes but not further than that. Stage II non-small cell lung cancer is further divided into stage IIA and stage IIB. These stages are each divided into two sections depending on the size of tumor: Stage IIA Where the tumor is not larger than 5cm and has not spread to lymph nodes is classified under Stage IIA lung cancer. When one or more of the following is true then it is categorized under Stage IIA non small cell lung cancer: Size of tumor is less than 5 centimeters Lung cancer has spread to the innermost layer of membrane covering the lung Where the cancer spreads to main bronchus and is at least 2 centimeters below the trachea joining the bronchus. When part of the lung collapsed or developed inflammation of lung in area where trachea is joining the bronchus When cancer has not spread to lymph nodes, then one or more of following is true: The size of tumor is more