Some Blood Pressure Medications Are Linked To Lung Cancer Risk
Hypertension medications are used to lower blood pressure levels. But, according to a new report, some of the widely prescribed drugs for high blood pressure could be associated with an increased risk of lung cancer. This study was led by Professor Laurent Azoulay of McGill University in Canada and has found that angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor drugs (ACEIs) are linked to increased risk of getting lung cancer as compared with use of another blood pressure drugs called angiotensin receptor blockers. This risk is particularly higher among people using ACEIs for over five years. According to the researchers, the small relative effects of ACEIs could translate into great risk for lung cancer. ACEIs are common drugs used to treat high blood pressure. They may increase the lung cancer risk through build-up of protein-like chemicals called bradykinin and substance P in lungs. These chemicals are directly responsible for the growth of lung cancer. Though there have been previous