Side Effects of Radiotherapy and Chemoradiotherapy
Radiotherapy and Chemoradiotherapy are among the common methods for lung cancer treatments. Though these are one of the effective ways to cure cancer but they also come with side effects like any other treatment. Today, we are discussing about the possible side effects that result from radiotherapy and chemoradiotherapy. Everyone is different and side effects vary from person to person. One may not experience all of these. Side effects include: Feeling Sick One may feel sick at times. You should inform your health care practitioner in case you feel sick. General weakness and fatigue are the common side effects. Tiredness Patients might feel tired during and after the treatment. Tiredness tends to get worse as the treatment goes on. Some light exercises along with periodic rest intervals is recommended. Shortness of Breath One of the common side effects associated with radiotherapy and chemoradiotherapy is the shortness of breath. Radiotherapy may cause inflammation in the lungs.