Role of Gaming Technology in Early Detection of Lung Cancer
Lung cancer is the leading reason among cancer deaths worldwide. The most common problem with lung cancer patients is that the disease has no or less symptoms in its early stages. This makes it difficult to detect it early. In cases where the lung cancer is detected initially, the patients get cured successfully. Various studies and researches are being conducted to detect lung cancer in its earliest stages. More than 80% of people diagnose with lung cancer do not survive the disease as it is often found at an advanced stage. One of the useful studies conducted recently is by TriStar Centennial Medical Center. TriStar Centennial Medical Center recently rolled out new gaming technology to detect lung cancer early. The pulmonologist said that the new technology takes a modified Xbox controller and uses it to navigate a scope into the lungs of the patients. According to Garwood, "If you think about an Xbox controller, it's ergonomically perfect for this. You can use both thumbs. Even