Radiofrequency Ablation for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Treatment
Today, we are talking about one of the useful methods for lung cancer treatment called radiofrequency ablation. Radiotherapy ablation, also referred as RFA, utilizes heat made by radio waves for the treatment of lung cancer. The heat is used to destroy the lung cancer cells. RFA uses imaging techniques like ultrasound, CT or MRI to guide needle electrode into cancerous tumor. Preparing for Radiotherapy Ablation The doctor explains how to prepare for the treatment. You should not eat or drink anything except water for four to six hours before the treatment. You should discuss any recent illnesses, allergies, medical conditions and medications you are taking. Performing Radiotherapy Ablation During radiotherapy ablation, nurse puts a small tube called cannula into the vein in the back of hand. The anesthetist injects the medicine to help you feel sleepy and then the doctor injects anesthetic into the area of chest. CT scanner is used to show the position of cancer. A small probe like