Oncolytic Virotherapy – A New Approach to Small-Cell Lung Cancer Treatment
The advances in biological therapies are on the rise over the years. They have made remarkable clinical responses for treatment of cancers. Oncolytic virotherapy is one of the promising novel strategies for cancer therapy. This technique involves targeting malignant cells with specialized viruses that can kill cancer cells and at the same time, ignoring healthy tissues. Oncolytic Virotherapy involves administrating an oncolytic virus which works to break down the cancer cells. The most appealing part is that it does not harm healthy self cells. This therapy may be administrated alone or in conjunction with other common therapies such as radiation or chemotherapy. Biodesign researchers have published a recent study in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. The myxoma virus was used to treat small-cell lung cancer in a genetically engineered mouse model. Myxoma Virus shows high efficiency for tumor-specific cytotoxicity in small cell lung cancer. A complete understanding of myxoma's