New Mode of Proton Therapy for Treatment of Lung Cancer
Researchers across the world are continuously being working towards finding effective ways of lung cancer treatment. Lung cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths among both men and women. According to a recent study by Beaumont researchers, a new mode of proton therapy for lung cancer has been invented. Proton therapy is an alternate to X-ray radiation and uses protons to treat cancer. A high level of energy by protons works to destroy cancer cells. In proton therapy, positively charged atomic particles travel up to two-third the speed of light to kill cancer cells. The major benefit of proton treatment over conventional radiation is that the energy distribution of protons can be directed and deposited in tissue volumes. As the protons are energized to specific velocities, they approach the targeted point. As per this new research, a continuous proton arc treatment can work to significantly reduce the adverse effects associated with lung cancer treatments. The researchers have