Microwave Ablation for Lung Cancer Treatment
While some tumors can be removed surgically, others are treated by alternative methods. One such method is ablation. Microwave ablation is the most recent development in the field of tumor ablation. This form of thermal ablation used in interventional radiology helps to treat cancer. With use of microwave energy, the tumor is destroyed using heat. There have been several studies using minimally invasive microwave ablation to treat lung cancer. Preparing for Microwave Ablation The patient should not eat or drink anything except water for four to six hours before the treatment. Doctors recommend taking water until two hours before. Procedure The surgeon inserts a small port or open incision to access the tumor. A CT scan is used to pinpoint the exact location of tumor. A thin antenna which emits microwaves is inserted into the tumor. In microwave ablation, high microwave energy is used to kill cancer cells. It destroys the tumor that is blocking the airway. This allows the patient to