Managing Side Effects: Cough During Stage 4 Lung Cancer
Cough is one of the most common concerns for lung cancer patients. Persistent cough estimates range from 47% to 86% among patients. Coughing expels chemical irritants and foreign bodies out of the airways. In lung cancer, coughing occurs by the tumor tissue stimulating receptors or by inflammatory response of body that stimulates the nerves in the airways. Coughing is a very common symptom of lung cancer and as the stage increases; the severity of cough also rises. It is important to control cough so as to improve the quality of life. Causes behind Cough Coughing is caused by a number of reasons such as: Tumor blocking the bronchus of lung Inflammation of lung caused by radiation therapy Lung infection Other lung problems like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) What Should You Do To Stop Coughing? Analyzing Your Cough You should describe your cough the best you can to your doctor. Think about things like is it dry cough or chronic or how long you have had your cough