Lung Carcinoid Tumor
Lung Carcinoid Tumor also called lung neuroendocrine tumors because it is made up of neuroendocrine cells; is a slow-growing uncommon tumor and less than 5% lung cancer patients are affected from this. Neuroendocrine cells found in all body and are similar to endocrine cells because both produce hormones or hormone-like substances. Sometime these cells grow faster and turn into tumor known as a carcinoid tumor. This carcinoid tumor also found in other part of body, 3 out 10 carcinoid tumor are found in lungs. There is no such cause of lung carcinoid tumor and not seems to be related to smoking, air pollutants, or other chemicals but researchers have learned about the risk factor of cancer-causing chemicals or radiation can cause changes in lung cells that lead to carcinomas tumor. Although, these factors are not play a big role in the development of lung carcinoid tumors. People with a rare inherited disorder called multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN1) are maybe at higher risk