Lung Cancer Survival Rate - Lung Cancer Blog
Lung cancer survival rates are usually based on the results and experience of those who have been victim of the disease. Lung cancer survival rate tells you about the percentage of people who have survived lung cancer diseases. When a patient is first diagnosed with lung cancer, they first ask about their prognosis, some want to know if their cancer condition is easy or difficult to cure. Some patient out of panic and fear inquire from doctors the survival rates related to their cancer. However, lung cancer survival rates are based on the researches and information gathered on thousands of people with lung cancer cases. An overall survival rates include people of all ages and health conditions who have been diagnosed with the disease. A five-year survival rate is often used to determine lung cancer survival rate. The five-year survival rate refers to the percentage of patients who live at least five years after their cancer was being diagnosed. To get five-year survival rate, doctors