Lung Cancer in Men - Lung Cancer Blog
About 90% of lung cancer in men is as a result of smoking; this implies that if men could stop smoking, then the risk of lung cancer can be effectively reduced and prevented. Lung cancer in men differs from lung cancer in women, symptoms like heart attacks which is most common in men can hardly be experienced by a woman. Lung cancer can easily be detected in men than in women because of certain typical symptoms common in men. The type of lung cancer that is most common in men is the squamous carcinoma non-small cell lung cancer. This type of lung cancer tends to grow near major airways and the symptoms often show up early. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in men worldwide. In spite of the death rate of lung cancer in men, it is also a fact that in the past few years, the death rates of lung cancer in men have drastically dropped signifying tremendous improvements in the control of the disease. Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer; besides smoking which is a