Long Term Side Effects of Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer
The long-term side results of chemotherapy are not usually your first issue when you find out chemotherapy is suggested for your lung cancer and that is how it should be. In most situations, the advantages of treatment far over-shadow any possible problems down the range. But with enhanced success from many kinds of lung cancers, it's essential to comprehend the future side results of chemotherapy that may happen time after treatment is finished. Before dealing with possible long-term side effects, keep in mind that everyone is different. Some individuals may have several of these side effects, while many will have none. Adverse reactions also differ significantly based on the particular chemotherapy medicines that are used. Cardiac Concerns Chemotherapy can cause heart effects beginning in treatment, but in some situations the consequences may not appear until much later. One significant example is center harm following treatment with the drugs Adriamycin (doxorubicin). With this