Latest Researches in Lung Cancer: Lung Cancer Awareness Month
November is celebrated as Lung Cancer Awareness Month all over the world. The purpose is to raise awareness about this disease and help people to successfully survive. The treatment options available for lung cancer patients are improving at a rapid pace. In past few years, various researches and studies have been conducted to come at some significant results. We are dedicated to offering you the latest and helpful information in the arena of lung cancer. Grape Constituent to Cure Lung Cancer A research has been conducted by a team of scientists from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. They studied a well-known natural product called resveratrol which comes with chemo-preventive properties against cancers. Read in detail here. Women Experience Early Menopause due to Chemotherapy Chemotherapy is a significant part of lung cancer treatment. According to the study published in journal Menopause, chemotherapy may cause acute amenorrhea and lead to early menopause among women. The