Is Lung Cancer Curable?
Can lung cancer be cured? Is lung cancer curable if detected early? Is lung cancer treatable at any stage? Can surgery or chemotherapy cure it? These are some of the questions that come in mind when we talk about treatment of lung cancer. The answer whether lung cancer is curable or not requires a careful explanation. Whether the lung cancer is curable or not, the answer depends on how one defines cure. Long-term survival with lung cancer is possible when the disease is caught at an early stage. There have been various cases where people survive many years even with stage 4 lung cancer. Lung cancer cure requires not only treatment methods but also motivation and willingness on the part of patients. The patients need to be mentally and physically strong to overcome the side effects of lung cancer. Lung cancer is almost always treatable with various newer treatment options available. Can Lung Cancer Be Cured With Surgery? Surgery offers one of the best chances for long-term survival from