How Air Pollution Causes Lung Cancer
Today, we take a look at how outdoor air pollution is responsible for increasing rate of lung cancer among people. Though the increase in risk of cancer is small but when everyone is exposed to air pollution, it has a much bigger effect. The major cause of lung cancer remains the long term use of tobacco or cigarettes and second being the combination of genetic factors, exposure to radon gas and the increasing pollution levels. Air Pollution and Lung Cancer Various evidences show that the particle pollution in the air can cause lung cancer. This is the air coming from vehicle exhaust, coal fired power plants and other industrial sources. This pollution can interfere with the growth and function of lungs. The polluted air is responsible for making changes in the DNA and this may set higher risk for the disease. The more pollution one breaths in, the greater is the chance of getting lung cancer. Indoor Air Pollution Indoor air pollution can also be the reason for second-hand smoke. It