Foods to Avoid During Lung Cancer Treatment
While we have discussed about the foods that help to reduce the risk of lung cancer, today we are covering the ones that you should avoid. These foods are the one that escalate cancer and increase the risk of getting it. The main cause of lung cancer remains smoking only but research suggests that foods or certain ingredients can also be a problem. Alcohol Imbibing alcohol in high amounts increases the risk of developing lung cancer among the people. As alcohol consumption and smoking behavior are correlated, the possible role of alcohol and its joint effect with smoking is high. One should minimize the intake of alcohol and avoid negative health consequences. Saturated Fats The consumption of saturated fat intake increases the risk of lung cancer in smokers. A diet low in saturated fat is always healthy. In some studies, it was found that the ones who ate most saturated fats had higher risk of lung cancer than those who ate the least. One should try to get most of the fat required