Early Lung Cancer Symptoms
If the symptoms of lung cancer can be detected early, then the disease wouldn't be as deadly as it is commonly known. The inability of medical personnel and individual victims to detect the presence of the disease at the very inception makes the disease to be deadly. The fatality of the disease is not in the name, but in its hidden nature. For instance, if malaria symptoms do not show up at the early stage, the parasite of the malaria will spread to the whole body and becomes a threat to the life of the victim. Malaria is also a deadly disease, but the difference there is that the symptoms are easily detected before the disease advances to a more serious stage. Unlike lung cancer, the chances of detecting the symptoms early are very less. However, the symptoms of lung cancer vary between different people; about 50% of people who have lung cancer are former smokers, and about 15-20% have never smoked yet they have the cancer. The symptoms between those that smoke and those that doesn't