Chinese Herb Asparagus Root for Lung Cancer
Asparagus Root and Lung Cancer Asparagus Root is a Chinese herb that helps to improve the function of the lungs and the complete respiratory system. This popular herb is used in the treatment of lung cancer. Asparagus Root clears and opens up the lungs. It works to move phlegm out of the lungs and make the alveoli more efficient. It works to strike a balance in the internal functions of the body. Asparagus root works to moisten and purify the lungs and aids in breathing. It helps to remove toxins from the respiratory tract and improve respiratory functions. It is especially useful for those who are exposed to smoke or smoggy air. Many studies have found that it possesses anti-tumor functions. Other Benefits Asparagus root is used to treat a variety of unrelated ailments such as toothache, cancer and parasites. Also, it helps to relieve pain from swelling as well as combating infections. With its regular use, it helps with the voice and makes it clearer and more powerful. This Chinese