Chemoradiotherapy Treatment for Lung Cancer
Chemoradiotherapy and Lung Cancer Chemoradiotherapy, as the name implies, is the combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy for the treatment of lung cancer. Chemotherapy utilizes the use of anti cancer drugs to destroy cancer cells. These drugs circulate throughout the body. Radiotherapy is the use of radiation usually x-rays for treating cancer cells. During the chemoradiotherapy treatment, one may need to undergo various blood tests to check the levels of blood cells and other substances in the blood. The health care practitioners also ensure that the liver and kidneys are working properly. Performing Chemoradiotherapy Chemoradiotherapy is generally recommended when stage two or three non small cell lung cancer cannot be removed with surgery. It is also suggested in cases with very early stage small cell lung cancer. During the treatment, the chemotherapy drugs are used and the nurse puts a small tube in one of the veins to connect it to the drip. The long plastic tube gives the