Ayurvedic Drug: Bhallataka-Asav to Treat Lung Cancer
Bhallataka (also called as marking nut, geeru veej, dhobi nut tree, indian nut tree) is a common ayurvedic drug indicated therapeutically for the management of various diseases. These include piles, worm infection, fever and more. The botanical name of the herb is Semecarpus anacardium and it belongs to the Anacardaceae family. There are many ayurvedic formulations using Bhallataka Asav for use in the lung cancer treatment. Though there are no specific leads, it has got to prove its efficacy. It is one of the potential herbs with its great scope to help patients fight against cancer. As the ayurvedic herb is hot in nature, it is subjected to purification process. This helps to reduce its hot toxicity. Generally, the seed is cut and kept immersed in dry brick powder. The powder absorbs all strong pungent oil and makes it usable for medicinal purposes. Bhallataka tree is found in hilly areas and the fruits are used for therapeutic purpose. It also helps in improving intelligence and