Who said your new build had to be lifeless? • Luna Violeta
When we’re planning to buy property, most of us draw up a list of must-haves and must-nots. We then use these to ensure that we buy somewhere which suits our needs. Of course, our lists don’t always serve us well. Everyone knows, for example, that compromise is essential on your list of requirements. But, we speak less about compromising when it comes to our must-nots. Those of us who discard any new builds, for example, may refuse even to view properties like these. But, what if were to tell you that compromise is just as necessary here? Leaving yourself some leeway could see you getting a better property for less. And, it needn’t even leave you unhappy with your new home. Most people who rule out new houses, for example, do so because they see such properties as ‘lifeless.’ They want somewhere with history and character. But, the moment you allow new builds onto your list, you may realize that it’s easy enough to breathe life into them later. All you’d need to do is take care of the following. Add your own character If character is your priority, rest easy that you can always add character features to a new build. It’s surprisingly easy to inject life this way when you put your mind to it. Something as simple as ceiling beams can work wonders for any modern room. Equally, reaching out to someone like the London Coving Company for molded plaster ceiling trims could take you right back in time. Even something as simple as adding an open stone fireplace could make your new home feel like an Edwardian paradise. Yet, you’ll still be able to benefit from lower upfront prices and more affordable running costs. Bring a breath of fresh air with bright colours One significant downside of new builds is the standard colouring of their walls. More often than not, white or magnolia are used to create a ‘blank canvas’ appearance. This can be off-putting, but it’s a superficial issue. The moment you add a splash of colour to those dull walls, you should find that the whole house comes to life. If you’re going for the country cottage vibe, greens and yellows are sure to achieve it. If you want a home which is a little more exciting, bright options like orange could be all you need. Either way; discarding a house because of wall colours could end up being a real wasted opportunity. Inject life with accessories If you don’t fancy much work, you may even find that you can inject life with accessories. These are what really make your home feel like you, and they can transform the most uninspiring new builds. Hanging pictures on your walls, for example, can add a homely vibe to a house which has never been lived in before. Fairy lights in your living room could bring that cutesy feel you’ve been after. Once you’ve finished, you may forget that you compromised with a brand new house altogether.