Simple Solutions That Will Make Your Home Less Expensive To Run • Luna Violeta
Whether you own or rent, running a home is an expensive necessity. In fact, for some folks, it can cost so much that they have precious little left for more enjoyable luxuries in life like holidays, high-end goods, and even meals out. It can even be one of the contributing factors when people find themselves in debt. It’s not all doom and gloom when it comes to the cost of running a home though, because there are some solutions you can use to reduce the vast expense. Read on to find out what they are. DIY cleaning products Surprisingly, one of the most expensive categories of items when it comes to running a home is all the cleaning products that you need to buy to keep it looking in tip top shape. In fact, once you have added soaps, antibacterial spray, bleach toilet cleaner, shower spray, and all the other items that go into the regular monthly shop, it can really ramp up the overall cost. Fortunately, there is an easy way to eliminate this, and it’s to create your own cleaning products like the ones discussed at rather than buying them. In fact, doing so has never been easier with all of the ingredients such as essential oils, citrus fruits, and baking soda being readily available, as well as it being simple to get hold of spray bottle in which to mix and keep them. Of course, the added advantage of making your own cleaning products is that they are not only are they cheaper, but they are much better for both those that live in your home and the environment as well. This being something that makes doing so, a winning situation all around. Get smart with your groceries It’s not just the homecare items you can save on when it comes to groceries either. In fact, by changing the way that you approach buying the food and other essentials that you need, you can really make some significant savings. One method of doing this is to make a meal plan for each week, rather than just buying items as they appeal to you as you tour the supermarket. Something you can read more about at The reason being that this will ensure you only buy what you actually need, and so reduce unnecessary spending as well as food waste. You can also as suggests shop with the offers to further reduce the cost of your groceries. This can work particularly well if you can find 3 for 2, or BOGOF on food items because you can use one for the week ahead and store or freeze the other for later in the month. Something that means you will have a basis for a meal without having to pay out again. Finally, when it comes to saving on your food bills, don’t forget that supermarkets tend to reduce stock that is going out of date at a particular time of the day. In fact, if you wait until this time to go shopping, you can often get products that are high end and otherwise outside your budget for a very reasonable price. Preserve expensive energy Any householder knows that heating, cooling, and lighting the home can be expensive. Of course, it is possible to take measures to preserve energy and so spend less in this area. Particularly simple actions such as turning off electronic devices rather than leaving them on standby overnight, or when they are not in use can help. Additionally installing a smart light system can be beneficial as even if you have left a room and forgotten to turn a light off, you can do so from anywhere in or even outside of the home. Then there is making an effort to buy energy efficient appliances and white goods such as refrigerators. These being ones that will perform well but use less power to do so, and so help save on your overall energy bill. Of course, there are other methods that you can use to preserve precious energy as well such as switching from using fossil fuel to power your home to alternative energy sources like the ones supplied by instead. The reason being that by both generating your households own energy onsite and connecting it up to the grid where any excess can be bought back by energy providers, you can make your energy bills much more affordable. Work on and around the house yourself While it is tempting to get the professionals in when work needs doing around the house. For example, roofers, and gardeners for the outside, and on the inside painters and decorators, and even cleaners, it isn’t always the most cost-effective approach. In fact, if there are jobs in and around the home that you can do yourself, and if you are concerned with saving money, it’s always better to try the DIY approach. Luckily, there are now online tutorials like the ones at for just about everything these days from deep cleaning to building an extension, so even if you are struggling with the task in hand, you will be able to get some guidance. Do remember though, that when it comes to electricity, water, and any other areas where safety is paramount, it’s always best to call in a specialist. This is because not only will you be sure that the work you will have done is legal, but also so you know it’s done right the first time, and that you won’t have to pay for costly repairs later down the line. Upcycle to keep up with trends Finally, while all the interior design blogs tout fast-moving trends, for the average homeowner keeping up with them, can be a costly pursuit. That is why instead of buying new items every time the season or fashion changes, you should go for preloved pieces which can be upcycled instead. In fact, by selecting second-hand furniture and home items, you can get some fantastic quality pieces for a fraction of the cost. Something that means all you will need to do is a little renovation work, and you will have an on-trend look without breaking the bank. Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.