Can You Make Your Home More Energy Efficient? • Luna Violeta
Saving money is one of those things that is pretty much on everyone’s mind. After all, who doesn’t want to to be able to set aside a little more money each month? However, that can often be difficult simply because modern life is expensive. For most people, some of the most significant costs in their life come from one place: their home. Your home can often be one of the most expensive things in your life, and not just because of rent/mortgage payments. Your energy bills can often drain your bank account pretty severely. With that in mind, here are some things that you can do in order to make your home just a little bit more energy efficient. Air source heat pumps The way that you heat your home can often have a huge impact on both how efficient it is as well as how much it’s going to cost you. Air source heating is an option that a lot of people are not really aware of but that can have a huge impact on your home’s energy efficiency rating. An air source heat pump can produce up to three times as much heat compared to the amount of electricity that it uses. They’re simple to use and easy to connect, you can often have someone install it for you. It’s a simple change but one that can make a huge amount of difference. Sealing your windows Of course, it’s not going to matter how much you’re able to heat your home if all of that heat is just disappearing before it has the chance to do anything. A lot of us end up in this position where you keep turning up the heat but your home never gets any warmer. This may be because your windows aren’t properly sealed. This means that you’re not only freezing cold but you’re wasting huge amounts of energy and money! Sealing up your windows might not seem like it would make a huge difference, but it’s the kind of change that you will notice pretty much immediately. Lowering your thermostat In fact, there’s a good chance that you’ve got your thermostat set far higher than you actually need it to be. Whether it’s because your home has been leaking heat or simply because you want to feel like you’re inside a toaster, you may well be able to lower your thermostat by at least a few degrees without really noticing. Even if you don’t really notice that kind of change, the difference it can make to your homes efficiency levels and to your wallet is going to be pretty noticeable indeed. The great thing about making your home more energy efficient is that not only are you going to end up saving yourself a whole lot of money but it’s also going to go a long way towards reducing your overall carbon footprint and environmental impact, something that more and more of us are becoming increasingly concerned about in the modern world. Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.