About Us
Hi, we are the Sohmer Family: Mark Shelby Vivie e Julia a Caleb Gabriella We are missio aries with Ope Air Campaig ers, USA. Our two goals are: To Biblically a d lovi gly share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost. To come alo gside, e courage, a d equip Christia s to share their faith a d see God work as they have ever imagi ed. Luke, chapter 15, has become the “theme verses” describi g why we do what we do. Please click here to hear about how God used Luke 15 to impact us. Mark did ot grow up i a Christia home – quite the co trary. He grew up i a Jewish home where he lear ed that “Jews are ot supposed to believe i Jesus.” He became harde ed to the ame of Jesus, a d i college was harsh towards those who professed belief. But God is able to save a ybody. A frie d shared the gospel of Christ with him, a d Mark became so a gry that he read the book of Matthew i order to prove to his frie d how ridiculous faith i Christ is. I stead, Mark lear ed that Jesus is the true a d livi [...]