Next-Generation Evangelists!!!
Dear Sai ts, Ca God use High Schoolers to reach out to the world for Jesus Christ? You better believe He ca !!! A d it’s very exciti g!!! For the fourth year i a row, I had the ho or to teach a 7-part Eva gelism Class at Jesse Remi gto High School, a local Christia High School. Do 14-17-year-olds have the spiritual a d emotio al maturity to take i the deluge of i formatio I wa ted to share with them? Would these kids be able to ha dle it? I was asto ished EVERY class at how mature the stude ts were. They paid excelle t atte tio . They participated i the discussio s so well! They asked great questio s. It was sooooo e couragi g! A d I thi k I may have titled this post i correctly. These Tee s really are ’t “Next-Ge eratio ” Eva gelists. They’re “NOW” Eva gelists! They’re ready to be used by the Ki g of ki gs immediately!!! Here is the Syllabus I developed for our sessio s (each sessio was a hour a d a half): [...]