The Gospel of Evangelism – How to Talk about Jesus without Having a Heart Attack, Projectile Vomiting, or Sounding Like a Moron!
Dear frie ds, Does Eva gelism scare you? Does it put a k ot i your stomach thi ki g about it? You’re ot alo e. I 1993, God saved me, a d si ce the I have ’t bee able to shut up about Jesus! But I realize I’m ot ormal. (I more ways tha o e!) O e of my favorite thi gs is to help other Christia s to be used by Jesus i reachi g the Lost! I this video I share Biblical a d Practical advice o how to talk about Jesus with both stra gers a d frie ds. “Gospel” mea s “Good News” a d i this video, I will attempt to make the case that it is GOOD NEWS that Jesus uses us i Eva gelism! I use humor a d passio a d experie ce to teach “How to talk about Jesus without havi g a heart attack, projectile vomiti g, or sou di [...]