New Video – A Jew and His God – How a Jewish Man Met the Jewish Messiah
Dear frie ds, I’m a Jew who believes i Jesus. Do you thi k that’s odd? I used to thi k people like me were odd too. Actually, worse. I thought they were traitors! Whe I studied the Scriptures, I lear ed that there’s othi g more Jewish tha believi g i the Jewish Messiah! Ca I share with you my story? How did I, a self-righteous Jesus-hati g Christia -hati g Jewish pseudo-i tellectual became a follower of Jesus the Messiah? Please watch the video below so you ca fi d out for yourself! If you’d like to share this video with others via email or Social Media, the li k is: I’m so glad Jesus reached me a d cha ged me over 25 years ago. A d I did ’t stop bei g Jewish. I just became a Jew who believes i the Jewish Messiah, a d there’s othi g more Jewish tha that! Si ce God could bri g me to faith, He ca save absolutely a yo e! Please feel free to share this page with others, especially those who are of, or i terested i , the Jewish faith. I had my story professio ally pri [...]