Beach Evangelism Was OUTSTANDING! Be Encouraged!!!
Dear prayi g frie ds, I’ve got GREAT ews, God is still i the busi ess of savi g the Lost, a d I’m so so glad!!! I love love love LOVE Eve i g Beach Eva gelism! Please warm yourself up with this update o the outsta di g thi gs God did! Lots a d lots of people from arou d the world a d all differe t ages gathered arou d a d liste ed to the gospel message, ma y stayi g arou d afterwards for o e-o -o e discussio s! We gave out thousa ds of gospel tracts! Very exciti g!!! Also, Beach Eva gelism is a great place to trai a d build up the Church! We had Christia s from a umber of differe t local churches come out this summer to participate a d ho e their eva gelism skills! (A d fi d out that it’s ot so terrifyi g after all.) A [...]