Reaching More Than 80 Kids at Camp!!!
Dear Prayi g Frie ds, Worki g as the Youth Pastor at Camp is always wo derful, a d this year was o differe t. I’ll do my best to share what happe ed so you ca be a part of the amazi g ways God moved. You’d thi k that at a “Christia Camp,” we’d get kids that “have it all together.” That’s ot the case at all! A large perce tage of the kids come from homes where they do ot atte d church. For them, this week at camp is all they get for lear i g about who God is, who God says they are, their eed for salvatio , a d how to become a child of God. Ma y of the kids, a d tee staff, shared with me about their broke homes, the foster care system, the hurts of divorce, a d abuse. I wa t to share a first that was disturbi g to me. Four differe t you g campers approached me to ask a questio . All of them 12-years-old a d u der. All of them has basically the same questio … “What’s wro g with me havi g sex with me a d wome havi g sex with wome [...]