New Sermon – Wolves, a Serpent, and a Dove
Dear frie ds, I really e joy it whe I am i vited to bri g the message at a Church service. It’s a huge ho or to teach God’s Word. My frie ds at “Church Alive” i Portsmouth, NH, i vited me to bri g the Word to them, a d I’m so glad they did. Right ow, i the U ited States, it’s a relatively easy time to be Christia . We really do ’t curre tly experie ce much persecutio . We’re certai ly ot at the poi t where it’s u safe physically to ame Jesus. (thought that is the case i other cou tries, a d will be true i the U ited States i the future.) Persecutio is i creasi g, a d it’s ot crazy to thi k that physical persecutio will be comi g. U til that happe s, what does God’s Word say to us about how to live? Jesus Himself did give us a clear a swer o this, a d it’s i [...]