June Newsletter: We Launched a Brand New Abortion Ministry
Dear frie ds, Rece tly I mailed off our latest paper ewsletter. This ewsletter is focused o Abortio Mi istry. The abortio cli ic is a BRAND NEW mi istry locatio for us, a d WOW has a TON of Spiritual Attack happe ed! We’ve ever see a ythi g like it. The fro t has a expla atio expla atio of the i te se backlash we’ve received from the cli ic. There’s also a testimo y from o e of the ma y people we’ve spoke with. A d there’s a paragraph of what’s goi g o perso ally i our lives. The back is all photos a d shares some really great thi gs God has bee doi g! There are some photos of other eve ts too, like S ow Camp, New York City Eva gelism, Jesus i the Passover Seder, etc. I pray that you’ll be as e [...]