Crazy-Awesome Evangelism in New York City
Dear prayi g frie ds, As ma y of you might k ow, my daughter, Vivie e, is a stude t at Word of Life Bible I stitute i Up-State New York. Word of Life wa ted to do somethi g bra d ew this year. They were goi g to bri g the whole Freshma class of over 200 stude ts to New York City for a few days of Street Eva gelism. A d they i vited me to lead o e of the Eva gelism Groups! I said YES of course, but I had o e co ditio – I wa ted my daughter Vivi o my Eva gelism team. Hey, I am her Daddy after all, a d she lives 5 hours from me, a d this would be a cha ce to ha g out with her a d serve Jesus with her. I was a bit ervous though. I mea , I have ple ty of experie ce leadi g Eva gelism Teams, but ot i New York City, a d that place is CRAZY BIG! The subway system was e gi eered by i mates from a i [...]