Amazing Outreach Underground in the Subways
Dear prayi g frie ds, I love love love LOVE Subway Mi istry! I remember whe I first heard that OAC goes i to the subways to eva gelize, I was thi ki g, “Eww, it’s gross dow there, a d dark, a d people are ’t frie dly.” After all these years I’ve lear ed I was wro g – big time! Well, it is gross dow there (tha k God for ha d sa itizer!), a d sometimes dark. A d every o ce i a while someo e acts u frie dly. But for the most part, Subway Eva gelism is some of the most effective mi istry we do all year! God always seems to work so amazi gly i the subway. A d He seems to bri g people from arou d the world to us. I trust that, whether o the streets, or u dergrou d, at the beach, or i a housi g complex, God will work wherever His Gospel is faithfully preached. A d for that, I am grateful! I wa t to keep you updated o some of the [...]